Wardens Frank Cady & Joseph Nelligan, Wounded in April 26, 1913

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According to the Lassen Advocate, Wardens Cady & Nelligan were on foot patrol near Tule Marsh (now known as Moon Lake), Lassen, County, and had contacted and arrested 11 Native Americans. Both Wardens are armed with semi-automatic pistols and Cady's 30-30. The Native Americans had no firearms. The men arrested were allowed to mount their horses, and with Warden Cady in the lead and Warden Nelligan at the rear, they departed the location of the arrest heading toward Madeline, the nearest town, about 6-8 miles distant.

One of the men, who had been arrested, came alongside Warden Cady and protested being taken to Madeline. According to the report, he jumped from his horse onto Warden Cady and seized his rifle and shot Warden Cady. Though wounded, Warden Cady was able to draw his pistol and return fire while crawling toward a nearby cabin. Warden Nelligan came forward and began firing at the men who had taken refuge behind a pile of wood.

In the ensuing gunfight Warden Nelligan was wounded twice (shoulder and thigh); and while laying on the ground pretending to be dead. One of the men came out from behind the woodpile and Warden Nelligan shot him in the chest. At this time, the other men were able to mount their horses, grab their wounded comrade and flee from the scene. In the process of fleeing the scene, many of them ran their horses over Warden Nelligan who was still on the ground and unable to move.

Both Wardens survived their attack, and several of the men were rearrested by the Sheriff. There was no information regarding any prosecution for the attempted murder of the wardens.

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