Warden John W. Galloway, Wounded on March 10, 1913

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Warden John W. Galloway (also spelled in some newspaper accounts as Gallaway) was shot and wounded on March 10th.

According to published reports from the Fish and Game Commission, Warden Galloway arrested Herbert LeCornec, George. LeCornec and J. W. McNamara for possession of steelhead trout taken with an illegal net near Larkspur, Marin County. While speaking with McNamara and with his back to the LeCornec brothers, Herbert LeCornec shot Galloway through the head. Galloway drew his revolver, returned fire, shooting both of the LeCornec brothers, killing George LeCornec in the ensuing gun battle. Herbert LeCornec survived the shooting and was tried twice for the attempted murder of Warden Galloway but was not convicted in either trial. Warden Galloway survived the gun shot to the head.

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