Warden George Rodolph

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Warden George J. Rodolph, killed on Nov 29, 1914, age 23. 3 miles East of Los Banos.

From Merced Express, Dec. 5, 1914: Warden Rodolph stoped a buggy being driven by Earl Farnsworth and Lem Stacho who were returning from a duck hunting excursion. Stacho is a known market hunter. When Rodolph asks to search the buggy they refuse. Roldolph attempts to pull Farnsworth from the buggy. During the fight, the Warden is able to draw his revolver and shoot Farnsworth who falls to the ground wounded in the side. Roldolph then turns away from Farnsworth and toward Stacho covering him with his drawn weapon.

Farnsworth who is on the ground behind the Warden but still conscious is able to shoot him in the back. The Warden died on the spot. Farnsworth and Stacho are later arrested and charged with murder. The charges against Stacho are later dropped.

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