Wardens Raymond Heacock & Richard Squire

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Warden Raymond B. Heacock and Warden Richard Squire were killed on December 12, 1916 on Bouldin Island (Isleton) San Joaquin, Co. on Dec 12, 1916.

Info from Stockton Record, Dec. 12, 1916: Wardens Heacock and Squire on skiff patrol late on the evening and early morning hours of Dec. 12th and 13th checking for reported fishing violations. Other fishermen, who were nearby at the time, heard a number of gun shots around midnight. When they arrived they found the Wardens boat with Squire's body in the cockpit. The boat had several bullet holes in it and a number of expended shell casing on the floor. Heacock was not present.

A few days later Frank Favalaro, Vincenzo d. DeMaggio, and Antonio (Nino) Laburdo were arrested by San Joaquin sheriff's deputies and their boat taken into evidence. Nino had a gunshot wound in his finger. The Sheriff's report surmised from the evidence they were able to recover from both boats that the Wardens discovered the fishermen while they were fishing and when Heacock attempted to board their boat a fight broke out. During the fight Heacock was wounded but able to return fire while lying in the bottom of the fishermen's boat. Warden Squire also returned fire from his boat before being fatally wounded. Heacock was killed by the fishermen who fled with his body still in their boat. They later disposed of his body at an undisclosed location in the Delta.

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