Warden James S White

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Warden James S. White killed on Oct 17, 1923 in Castella, Shasta Co. Unclear from the reports available if White was on duty at the time of the incident.

From the Redding Courier Free press, Oct. 17, 1923: Warden White was shot by John Vail a U.S. Prohibition Officer when White intervened during the inspection of the Shasta View Hotel by Vail and other Prohibition Officers. Wardens White's friend who owned or managed the hotel called him for assistance when the federal officers came into the hotel. White who lived nearby came and confronted the federal officers who were not in uniform. During the confrontation White drew his revolver and Vail accosted him. During the fight both Vail and White were shot. White's wounds were fatal, Vail recovered. A Coroner's inquest determined Vail did not commit a crime and was not arrested.

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Documents Regarding the Death of Warden James White