Warden Frank Machado

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Warden Frank Machado, June 10, 1928. Pinto Lake, Watsonville.

Except from: Department Of Natural Resources Of The State Of California, Division Of Fish And Game, Petitioner, V. Industrial Accident Commission And Margaret Machado Et Al., Respondents. Supreme Court Of California. S. F. No. 13326. August 22, 1929. [1] Workmen's Compensation Act public Officers-Deputy Fish And Game Warden- Compensation-Award.

The undisputed facts are these: Prior to October 15, 1927, Frank Machado applied to the Fish and Game Commission for appointment to the position of volunteer deputy fish and game warden in the region of Watsonville. The Fish and Game Commission approved his application, whereupon Machado subscribed to the oath of office and furnished the bond as required by the provisions of section 642 of the Political Code (as amended by Stats. 1927, p. 947), and also paid the fee of five dollars, required premium on said bond, and thereupon and on October 15, 1927, received his certificate of appointment as such volunteer deputy of said Commission.

While serving in that capacity and on June 10, 1928, said Frank Machado was accidentally drowned through the capsizing of his motor-boat in Pinto Lake in Santa Cruz County and while he was actively engaged in performing the duties incident to his position.

From Fish and Game, Vol 14 July 1928: Volunteer Deputy Frank Machado fell from his boat and drowned.

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