Warden George Thompson

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Warden George Thompson, killed on Sept 7, 1928. Near Pennington, Sutter Co.

From Fish and Game, Vol 14 Oct. 1928: Thompson was shot and killed while arresting Charles Hogaboom* who lived nearby.

Hogaboom is described in the news account as "demented rancher of Pennington." According to a report by Acting Chief of Patrol, K.P. Allred to the Commission dated October 17, 1928, Thompson was found beside his car with his .22 pistol in his hand and the safety was "off". The vehicle was on the road near the Hogaboom ranch house.

Thompson had been shot twice. Thompson's body was discovered soon after the slaying, reported to the sheriff who investigated the crime. Evidence lead to Hogaboom who was taken into custody. He was subsequently declared to be insane and not prosecuted.

* According to the 1920 census, the man's last name was Hogeboom not Hogaboom.

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