Warden Alan G Curry & John Burke

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Warden Alan G. Curry, killed on April 30, 1930, in South S. F. Bay, San Mateo Co.

From a report by Chief of Patrol E.L. Macaulay to the Commission dated May 15, 1930: Deputy Curry and former deputy John Burke were killed on April 30 during the arrest of a commercial fisherman in So. S.F.Bay. The fisherman, who was wounded four times, was charged with murder.

John "Jack" Burke had been a deputy (Warden) in San Mateo from 1915 until 1928 when he left the service. It is believed he had knowledge of the violations being committed and was assisting Curry.

Curry had been appointed as a Volunteer in 1925 and as a regular deputy in 1929.

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